Monday, March 14, 2011

Random observations....

  1. Mail that says "IMPORTANT ACCOUNT INFORMATION ENCLOSED" has no importance, other than that it must be shredded as soon as possible to prevent identity theft. Truly important account information--such as a replacement card, a pin number,* or an account statement--is usually discreetly labeled because misuse of such contents represents a more direct liability to the company that sent the envelope.
  2. A "courtesy call" from a telemarketer is not particularly courteous to the one receiving the call.
  3. In Chicago, cars don't slow down at the red octagonal stop-suggestion signs, but they're more likely to slow down to avoid splashing a pedestrian who walks by a flooded gutter. This increased likelihood is in direct proportion to driver's wish not to splash his or her own car and thus not have to clean it again.

*Yes, I know "pin" stands for "personal identification number" so that saying "pin number" is redundant. Deal with it.

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