Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Two cheers for the Supreme Court!

All I really have to say is that when I logged on to scotusblog at work, shortly after 9am Chicago time, and saw that DOMA was held unconstitutional, I felt elated.  A little while later I discovered that gay marriage in California had been effectively legalized, through the Court's dismissal of the Prop 8 case.

After reading Russell Saunders's post at the League and the comments [click here], it was hard not to tear up a little.

There's a lot to be done--and there are still unanswered questions--but there's a time to address those and a time to celebrate.  Congratulations to those who have the benefits conferred by these decisions, and congratulations to those who may not have the benefits yet, but now have stronger reason to hope.


Jon said...

Yes. I feel that way too.

By the way, i wanted to tweet a link to this. And so just a suggestion to consider a twitter button for posts. I know this blog is happily free of a lot of bells and whistles. But a tweet button could be good for a reader like me that would like to share your posts.

Pierre Corneille said...

Thanks, Jon!

I'm a bit twitter-challenged, but it's something I'll try to look into.