Sunday, January 29, 2017

Introducing "Trumpwatch"

I've decided to try to post more on Mr. Trump and his administration, and more broadly on the challenges that arise in the context of his presidency. I.e., I'm calling it "Trumpwatch" but I reserve the prerogative to write about Congress or state government or the judiciary.

My goal is to try to focus on actual, concrete facts. Actual decisions made and actual things said. My posts will be at hitcoffee, tagged at this link: <>. I may reproduce these posts here, too, but frankly, reconciling the different formatting at Wordpress and at Blogspot is a bear, so I may just provide teasers and links.

I'm not sure how often I'll be doing this. I assure you I'll write other posts of the introspective or "meta discussion" variety, and probably write them more here than at Hitcoffee or Ordinary Times. But it's a bit indulgent to focus only on my feelings, etc., and sometimes in adopting that focus, I choose to say things that are needlessly divisive or even insulting. So I'll try more than I have to focus on the concrete, at least when talking about politics. I don't pledge to do this always and consistently, but I'll try to do it more.

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