Saturday, June 28, 2008

When "Progressives" are bigots, part 2

Too Clever by Half has arguably valid points in his post against the D.C. v Heller decision. Yes, the reason the D.C. law didn't work probably has a lot to do with the ease with which one can buy a gun in one of the bordering states. And yes, I suppose the decision does signal that who becomes president might have an impact on future court cases. (I'm ambivalent about this last point: apparently someone who voted for the first Mr. Bush was supposed to have anticipated that he would have named two justices to the Court, only one of whom would vote for Heller...still, I guess the point has some validity.)

However, the post descends into some of the more obvious caricatures of people who support gun rights: "gun nuts are running through the streets, firing into the air, and gettin' all likkered up and sheeeyit." And of course, the imminent sharp upturn is due to "the capricious morons who call themselves the conservative Justices" We'll have to wait until they "die off. Or get shot by some crazed DC-area Republican. Could happen."

I'm not saying I necessarily agree with the Court's opinion, but isn't it possible to admit that the second amendment can lend itself to the interpretation adopted by the Court? Now, it is quite healthy to see the ideological underpinnings of court decisions and to be free of the myth that the court is seeking only the "Truth." But aren't there more substantive critiques than simply painting anyone who disagrees with one's interpretation of an archaically worded constitutional provision as rabid nuts?

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