Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Good luck, buddy!"

I went to school today by walking from downtown (I live in Chicago), and on the way I walked through the "Greek Town" neighborhood. It was about 10:30 or so in the morning, and as I walked, I noticed a penny on the ground. As is my habit, I pocketed it (I've learned this practice as a good way to save up money....I collect all the coins I find and save all the change I get from purchases, and after about a year, I can exchange it for a lot of money, usually $80 or so).

A gruff man was standing outside one of the Greek Town restaurants, smoking a cigarette, probably on a work break. He saw me pick up the penny and said, "Good luck, buddy!"

I'm not sure why, but that incident brightened my day!


James Hanley said...

That reminds me of an incident recounted in one of James Herriot's books. As a penniless young veterinarian, he was working as the track doctor at the horse races, and found himself in the beer tent near a bookie with piles of coin. The bookie noticed the shabby young man, grinned, and without a word flipped him a sizable coin, then went back to his counting. That brightened the vet's day considerably, too.

By the way, I hope the work on your dissertation is going well.

I didn't realize you lived in Chicago. I'll be there for a conference April 23-24. If you're interested in breaking your anonymity, I'd be happy to have lunch with you.

theolderepublicke said...

Mr. Hanley,

I like the anecdote from Herriot. I should probably read one of his books. I heard a lot from him as an undergrad (my school--Colorado State University--had a lot of people hoping to go on to veterinary school).

Thanks so much for the offer, but unfortunately I won't be available that weekend.